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With over 30 years experience in the creative design industry, Neil Priddey provides an in-depth creative overview to clients' projects, from the simplest graphic design input to a full-blown, hands-on, in-depth complete creative review and audit of a client's brand image and creative output.


If your creative costs are spiralling out of control, or if your creative output is falling far short of your desired brand image, or even if you just need some short-term extra resource, contact Neil at PridDesign for an initial consultation and a real-world understanding of how to cut costs or maximise creative budgets. Get big agency thinking without the big agency costs or egos.


As well as providing a creative director/graphic designer/photographer role for businesses, Neil is an avid and passionate collector of rare vinyl records, has written twelve (and counting) books on the subject, and also plays lead guitar in the UK's leading Black Sabbath tribute band.

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